Have a site that you’re happy with, but don’t have time to keep it updated as often as you know you should?

No worries.

Just send us an email with what you need done, and we’ll make the changes in a timely manner.
Nothing simpler, and one less thing to handle on your list!

And we’ll do it fairly. The rate is $90/hour – no minimums. Yes, that’s less than other web site design or maintenance companies charge, but it’s a fair price.

If you only need a quarter hour work done on your site one month, you’ll get charged $22.50 (ok, plus tax if you’re in New Mexico). If you don’t need anything, you don’t get charged anything. If you need a whole lot more done, we’ll let you know an estimate, stick to it, and get it done.

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Albuquerque NM

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